the doing


In our mind everything was clear. Knowing what to do, hearing the calls we went to the country, went to the city, followed the tracks of life and found ourselves hooked up to the machines, connected by jack cables and sending the vibes of the moment onto some tape that is called hard drive nowadays.

- 0110111 -

Capturing, re-living moments of the past and the future. Nightmares and dreams, as they are and ever have been.

Getting things straighter and people together we went to an absurd place by a lake and started hitting skins and stroking metal.

The footing was build, we went on.

Changed the scene, the wires renewed on the 6 & 5 strings. Below the glowing roof tiles of a middle-age townhouse in midsummer peace and quietness were found and brought the moment to preserve vibrancy´s downs and highs. Until it was done. And rural idyll exchanged with big city basements.

A voice was heard. A plan was made. Bubbles were shot. Knobs were whirled.

And the day came - though long and rocky the road may have seemed from time to time, perception changes once you´ve come to the point that lay beyond the horizon when you set forth - when we could share the first of Jeanny´s nightmares and dreams.

The day is now!