The Present back then

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Well, spring has come!

And with it has come our second piece of music. The white one.
EP II features Ms. Anna Stalz on vocals. 3 original songs about love, life & the omniverse as well as an accoustic version of Opeth´s "coil".

You find the player right below as well as other places on the net where you can find, stream & download us in the "listen" section.



So, where did we go from here you may ask...

The new is sometimes the old. Quiet the times sometimes, too!

Third - and for this chapter last - part follows the silent falling of snow, where peace and ease may be found.

We are thankful to have some long time friends featured on this episode! So thanks a lot Nina, Isabell, Sascha, Steffen, David! You know!



The road, it may be long and winding, still, amidst the whirling chaos, we choose to dream and keep creating! Stay with us!