The Mess Song



Well, this is it. Our first music video for

The Mess Song from our selftitled first EP!

The song is a conceptual piece of work, a homage to coffee, home, bubbles & life itself. but please, make your own picture...

As the concept evolved from an idea to something that began materializing in foil and a script, we put great effort in the realisation of the clip and eventually overcame all adversities we faced. The project wouldn´t have been possible without the help and competence of a whole lotta friends. A round of applause therefore goes to Munich film crew, spontaneous flashmobbers, Schwabinger podium & everybody who helped out and was there!


music, lyrics, concept, realisation: L. Mösbauer
director of photography // master of pixels: R. Wöhrle,
lighting, first assistant: S. Khromov
second assistand, fog: S. Eichenberg

cuting, editing: M. Fiche
after fx: L-D Lab

audio production: A. Khromov, Sonic Boom Studios, Berlin
audio mastering: Schroedey, Absurd Studios, Hamburg